Welcome to Crous Cactus

A message from the founder:

Sebastiaan Crous, founder of Crous Cactus

It all started in 1964 in old South West Africa, now known as Namibia, when I met a retired German doctor while working at Grootfontein. He had worked in Mexico for many years and brought some choice cactus plants with him, I obtained my first 3 plants from him.

Later on working in the Verwoerd Dam area near Venterstad, I had the opportunity to collect more succulents, and so, through the years my collection grew. Eventually I visited South America to observe plants in their natural habitat.

In 1979 I obtained the site where we are now situated and since then we have become a commercial nursery growing cacti and succulents for local and international markets.

My son Tiaan and daughter-in-law Linda, took over the nursery in 2000 and it has since grown tremendously, comprising some 30 structures of which some are used exclusively for seedlings and others for growing Lithops (± 1 000 000 exported to Europe).

– Sebastiaan Crous

Contact us to place an order or for general queries

If you have any queries, or request additional information please contact us using the details below.


Tiaan Crous
  1. Mobile: +27 83 420 5091
  2. Email: tiaan@crouscactus.co.za


Linda Crous
  1. Mobile: +27 73 837 1252
  2. Email: linda@crouscactus.co.za

Postal Address:

  1. Plot 147 Klerksoord Akasia
  2. PO Box 53052
  3. Dorandia
  4. 0188
  5. Republic of South Africa

Aloe seedlings:

  1. International Orders: minimum of 10 000
  2. 5 cm - € 0,05
  3. 7 cm - € 0,08
  4. 10 cm - € 0,10
  1. Local Orders (South Africa): minimum of 5000
  2. 5 cm - R1,00
  3. 7 cm - R1,50
  4. 10 cm - R2,00